Xiff and Jive Messenger Publish problem

hi all!, i had a problem with Xiff i’'m using flash 8 and well in the authoring environment it works just fine but when i open the swf from an external location i cant access to the messenger, i publish the swf to be accessed via internet but doesnt work, also what if i want to change the gateway of my server i mean what if i want to upload the swf but the gateway is my computer ip?

sounds like the security sandbox of the xml socket connection.

in the auth enviroment the security is disabled but on a web server it kicks in.

and they changed it, i think it was that www.domain.com could access jabber.domain.com but since 8.0 or so it changed that ito could not do that anymore.

the best way is to set the jabber server and web server up in a way that the full domain name of both is the same, just the port is different (for the connection above 1024). the way to acceess ports below 1024 is using a jabber server that also hosts the “crossdomain.xml” on the same connection