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XIFF and the new Live SDK 5

Hello guys.

I’ve been playing a little with the Live SDK, and wanted to create an application for connecting to their Messenger Services, so I could create my own Messenger

As I needed a XMPP client, I chose to use XIFF, with AIR. Unfortunately, every time i try to connect to microsoft’s service, i get an immediate disconnect after the successfull connect. So, I’ve came here to ask, has anyone already tried and successfully managed to make XIFF work with the new Live SDK 5?

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I’ll be honest, I started looking into it after reading your post and tried to wade through some of the docs and examples and didn’t get too far. Does it require installing the SDK? Looks like you need a Windows machine for that, I only have Mac.

Are you using the REST API or JavaScript?

I’d be happy to take a look if you could send me your code or post something to get me started.


Yeah one of the major problems is the lack of documentation. Well, I’ve installed the SDK but it really doesn’t help much, only if you’re creating a Visual Studio app or a Metro one.

At the beggining I tried to use Javascript with AIR, but it wasn’t working really well, so I opted to do it directly and use the REST API, as it was the one that was still showing some signs of working .

After lots of trial and error, I concluded that I only needed the access token to connect to the messenger, so I created a simple AIR Window with an htmlLoader that opened the authorization page with the app’s client id and the needed scopes. Then, when the user clicks accept, the htmlLoader reads the final URL, retrieves the accessToken and stores it for further use.

After this, it inites the XMPP client and connects to the microsoft’s service, using the accessToken as a service. The problem is that after a successfull connection, the client is automatically disconnected and never uses the SASL authentication.

After searching around in the Microsoft’s forums, I’ve found the logs of the data that is sent and received when a login is successfull: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-AU/messengerconnect/thread/f9e58e8b-3 301-4018-acfa-60998b95d240 , but unfortunately i only get the first 2 lines, I never get the 3rd one.

If you want to take a look at the source, you can check it here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/45044488/AIRMessenger.rar

Sorry it is a mess, still has there all my other previous tests .

Best regards,