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XIFF Documentation Offline Version

Hi, everybody!

Online version of XIFF library (like http://linkedbyair.net/nt2/xiff/) is perfect but for some reasons it would be much more convenient for me to use offline version. Could anyone help with my problem?


The link you offered seems to have couple years old version of the documentation, a more recent version would be available: http://paazio.wippiespace.com/xiff3doc/

Documentation can be build by using asdoc which is included in free Flex SDK, version 2 or 3.

The command line I am using to build those docs, while in the checkout folder:

C:\flex_sdk_2_194515\bin\asdoc.exe -doc-sources=org

Note that asdoc executable location differs probably in your setup. Also make sure the XIFF classes are available in that “org” folder.

This will create “asdoc-output” folder with the documentation in the current directory.

The most reliable documentation is self-generated using ASDoc. I checked out the latest XIFF source from the SVN repository here: http://svn.igniterealtime.org/svn/repos/xiff/trunk/

Here is the command line syntax to generate the docs:

/[your Flex 3 SDK Install Location]/bin/asdoc -source-path “[path to local XIFF source]” -doc-sources . -templates-path "[your Flex 3 SDK Install Location]/asdoc/templates/" -output [output location]

I found a HOWTO that describes the command line syntax and handy steps to integrate into Eclipse as well.