[xiff] how to use SSL(https) with xiff+flex?

hi friends,

how to connect SSL(https) with xiff+flex?

i was trying next example:

conn = new XMPPConnection();
conn.port = 5223; (fix to 5222 -> 5223)
conn.resource = “xiffsample”;
conn.addEventListener( LoginEvent.LOGIN, handleLogin );
conn.addEventListener( XIFFErrorEvent.XIFF_ERROR, handleError );
conn.addEventListener( DisconnectionEvent.DISCONNECT, handleDisconnect );

 conn.server = "server";

 // set room name 
 room = new Room(conn);
 room.roomJID = new UnescapedJID("coba33@conference.igniterealtime.org");
 room.roomName = "coba33";
 room.conferenceServer ="conference.igniterealtime.org";
 room.addEventListener(RoomEvent.GROUP_MESSAGE, handleGroupMsg);
 roster = new Roster(conn);

 Security.loadPolicyFile( "igniterealtime.org/crossdomain.xml" );\
 first = false;

but, i can’t find change about SSL something

have any function or isn’t it possible?