Xiff is dead?

xiff is dead?

Last change was almost 3 years ago. if not dead, then frozen. Though it was ported to GitHub along with other projects. So it is open for patches igniterealtime/XIFF · GitHub

Depends on what you consider as a dead project. Besides what wroot said, there is no active developer or maintainer of XIFF. Isn’t Flash dead anyways? I figure most people would want use a JavaScript XMPP library these days.

I won’t call it dead. I used XIFF a lot, quite a while back and have a few applications in production dependent on it. Besides, Flash player is still in development.

Flash has a new version every two months, is far from dead

It’s not dead technically, yet (though it is for mobile world). But morally it is slowly dying as more browsers phase it out.

the flash will not run mobile browsers, but many applications are built with adobe air.

Javascript has serious design problems and is not comparable with AS3, so there are initiatives like google dart, haxe, flexjs etc …

anyone who has developed large-scale software knows