XIFF: Not Dead by a Long Shot

The sad reality is that the latest official release of XIFF (2.0 beta 2) is over a year old. However, the project is far from dead. Regular forum readers know that Nick Velloff from Lymabean has bee doing active XIFF development and a new release should be coming soon.

I noticed that there is also some development being done by Daniel Dura (http://www.danieldura.com/), and that he’s placed the code up on Adobe Labs (labs.adobe.com). Might be worth the two hooking up (if they haven’t already).

Hi Michael,

It sounds like we should check in with Daniel about working together. Thanks for letting us know about the project.



Download page says it’s XIFF 2.0.0-beta4

I just updated the roadmap for XIFF 3.0 Beta 1 in JIRA. Hope to have an official release in a month or so.