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Xiff v3, nice but

Previous xiff version had the problem that IQEvent, unlike MessageEvent and PresenceEvent, was not defined so I had to use this workaround in order to listen for iq packets:

I used IncomingDataEvent and I did:

public onIq(event:IncomingDataEvent){

var doc:XMLDocument = event.data;
if(doc.firstChild.nodeName == “iq”){

but now event.data gives me a ByteArray object! You fixed so many bug and improved so many things and still you can’t make a simple, NECESSARY, IQ Event listener??T_T

And this version,with its change from XMLDocument to ByteArray ruined my workaround too…now I ask for help: how to listen for IQ packets? And, out of curiosity, WHY there isn’t an IQ Event defined? Just IQ’s callback is not enough according to me as Server would be in need to send IQ packets in assence of a request too…

Can you explain your usage of IQs?

I’m assuming at this point the typical request/callback is not working for you, but just want to understand why.

I didn’t understand your last sentence: “Server would be in need to send IQ packets in assence of a request too…”

Yes, that’s exactly my problem: typical request/callback is not good because for my plugin to work is necessary that server sends IQ without having received a request before.

The scenario is the following:

client asks to server to be kept notified about some events, so first request/response exchange is ok but after this server will keep sending IQ packets when an event happens, so I would need an IQ event listener like in smack APIs…so it’s not implemented in XIFF?