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XML console

Is there an easy way to interface with the smack debugger (or something else) so that I can add a working XML console to JBother?


Perhaps just providing getters for the Writer and Reader?


You can just add a packetlistener to listen for all packets and a packetwriterlistener to listen for all packets. That, I think, should cover the bases.

That’‘s what we’‘re doing now… but that only displays packets as they are seen by smack. If smack never parses them, or leaves certain fields out, we don’'t see them.


Yea then you defintly need a reference to those readers and writers.

If you look at the EnhancedDebugger you’‘ll see that it takes a XMPPConnection, Writer and Reader. Does jbother not have access to those? You’'re using smack right?


Hey Adam,

I’'m not sure if you are looking for this but you can implement your own debugger. All you need to do is implement the SmackDebugger interface and instruct Smack to use your new debugger. Set the environment variable “smack.debuggerClass” with the new debugger class and you are good to go.


– Gato

Yup, exactly what I was looking for. Thanks