I want add a gate with a php form.

So I want use XML-RPC to add en entry…

how can I do that…?

thanks for your help

anybody can help me…?

A working example of how to do a PHP registration:

Download the XMLRPC PHP files from http://sourceforge.net/projects/phpxmlrpc/files/phpxmlrpc/3.0.0beta/xmlrpc-3.0.0 .beta.zip/download. You need to include “xmlrpc.inc” from folder “lib” in the zip.

Registration code:


// Fill in your server details here

$xmlrpc_client = new xmlrpc_client('/plugins/kraken/xml-rpc','localhost',9090);


// Change the first string to fill out the registration

$xmlrpc_msg = new xmlrpcmsg('Manager.addRegistration',array(

new xmlrpcval('plugin.gateway.xmlrpc.password value', 'string'),

new xmlrpcval('JID of user', 'string'),

new xmlrpcval('Transport name (msn, gtalk, etc)', 'string'),

new xmlrpcval('Legacy Username', 'string'),

new xmlrpcval('Legacy Password', 'string'),

new xmlrpcval('','string') //Legacy Nickname, should be empty string unless IRC


$xmlrpc_resp = $xmlrpc_client->send($xmlrpc_msg);