XML Stanzas are passed on in the wrong order with s2s

Yesterday I made some tests to find out why my presence is sometimes not sent to other servers. I’'m running my own Jabber server (Wildfire 3.0.1) and have a Google Talk account. I have added both contacts to the other account (in a single Psi) to see myself through the network in each direction. Now my test was as follows:

  • Wait for the s2s connection between my server and Google Talk was closed, that’'s 10min+

  • Set my status to something else (S1) and then immediately, set it again to something else (S2)

  • It will take a few seconds for the s2s connection to be astablished

What I see is:

  • Google Talk sent me the correct presences, first S1, then S2 and the result was correct

  • Wildfire sent out the presences in the wrong order: When the s2s connection was opened, for a short time I saw S2 but then again S1 and that remained afterwards. So it ended up showing me to Google Talk with the wrong presence.

Is that problem already known or is there a solution to it?

Doesn’'t anybody have the same problem? Just wondering.


it sounds a lot like JM-835.