XMPP-2-IRC Bridge (on Windows)

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I was wondering if there is an Openfire Plug-in (or 3rd party product) that provides a XMPP-2-IRC Bridge functionality on Windows server?



Not sure what you mean by “bridge”. But there is an old plugin (not supported anymore, so not sure if IRC is working) - Kraken IM Gateway Ignite Realtime: Openfire Plugins It has IRC gateway in it. There was also new gateway service in the works - Spectrum. But i’m not sure about its state and whether it supports IRC.

Thanks again wroot for such a prompt response :slight_smile:

This question is in conjunction with my other **‘Openfire Enterprise Solution’ **Community question @ https://community.igniterealtime.org/thread/59221

My enterprise XMPP Chat solution also has to integrate with an existing IRC Chat solution. So I was wondering if Openfire also supplied and still support a XMPP-2-IRC and vice-verse protocol convertor/Plug-in?



Well, i haven’t used IRC gateway from Kraken (only used ICQ, XMPP, MSN gateways in the past). Not a huge IRC user either, so not sure how exactly this should work. But i don’t think IRC specifications changed a lot, do they? So i think Kraken should still work. After installing it you can go to Gateways menu (in Admin Console ), enable IRC gateway, put Host/Port of your IRC server. There is also a checkbox to list MUC rooms, maybe this will list IRC rooms in the XMPP client. Most gateways are made to work with Spark (Spark shows icons for gateways on the toolbar), but maybe IRC will work for other clients, if it only lists the rooms.

Wonderful and thanks again.

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