XMPP client cant register - cluster configuration - Appear Offline


I have setup a cluster configuration with Openfire 3.6.4 (Oracle Coherence and KVM), and now I registered XMPP account with client Counterpath Bria 3.2! Now what I noticed after a while it happens that at first client registered nicelly, but than suddenly after playing with status and further deregister the client I could not register anymore.

When I was discovering what is happening i saw that the problem was happening after I change status to appear offline! I looked at the database of Openfire and there I saw in table IT_AA_OPENFIRE --> OFprivacylist inserted one line INVISIBLE with some data. When I change Apper Offline status back to Available another line Privacy_LIST_1 with some data is inserted in this table.

After that if I deregister client from OpenFire, and than try to register again it wont go anymore! That two lines in database still exist.

Does anyone had similar problem, and maybe know what is going on.

Tnx for all