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XMPP Could Really Take Over the World

David recently blogged about how XMPP is Taking Over the World starting with the recent AOL tests and his hopes that Microsoft, Yahoo, and QQ would follow AOL’s lead.

Well, this must have got Matt thinking about how XMPP really could take over the world. His vision of XMPP is moving way past IM with a grand vision for how XMPP could be the future of cloud services.

I’ll let you read his entire post over on Jive Talks, but here is a little snippet:

There’s a new firestorm brewing in web services architectures. Cloud services are being talked up as a fundamental shift in web architecture that promises to move us from interconnected silos to a collaborative network of services whose sum is greater than its parts. The problem is that the protocols powering current cloud services; SOAP and a few other assorted HTTP-based protocols are all one way information exchanges. Therefore cloud services aren’t real-time, won’t scale, and often can’t clear the firewall. So, it’s time we blow up those barriers and come to Jesus about the protocol that will fuel the SaaS models of tomorrow–that solution is XMPP (also called Jabber).

Matt’s post is also on Digg.