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XMPP debug Traffic Window now nearly useless


maybe this is a Smack feature, but it comes with Spark 1.1 so I’'ll post it here.

In former times the debug window did contain more than the last 10 messages, currently it is hard to use it as scrolling back is not possible.

Can I configure how much messages will be available there?

Can I configure Spark that the “Traffic Window” is opened while startup (after login for those who see there a security risk) to track the incoming offline messages?

I see that limiting the amount of messages to 10 is a great improvement as the debugger uses less memory.


It’'s true IT that looking back is not really possible now, but the idea was really around improving memory, and the idea of putting in large amounts of data that a majority of the users do not use did not make a lot of sense. I was thinking about adding a “Start in debug mode” in the advanced tab of the login dialog to just startup the debugger on initialization of the connection, but it has not been scheduled.

Hi Derek,

is there already a jira SPARK issue one may vote for? I still have a 1.0.4 installation available just to be able to use the debugger.



Hi LG,

SPARK-237 has been filed to take care of this. This allows for running in debug mode on login to allow for full debugging capabilities.