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Xmpp.domain different from domain for Openfire admin

We are installing our first production Openfire server. We have had a test server for several months. Our intention for production was to have the xmpp.domain and JIDs use one domain name (xmpp.chat.example.com) and the Openfire admin application use another (admin.chat.example.com). DNS is set up for both domain names.

As I was testing the installation, I noticed that the JIDs use the domain name of the Openfire admin application. After researching related posts, I am wondering if trying to use separate domains is just a bad idea. Is it?

If it is reasonable to use separate domain names, should I set the Server Name to the xmpp.domain or to the Openfire admin application domain? The layout of that configuration page alone is enough to make me question this approach because it has one Server Name and then has port configurations below, which seems to imply that all of those ports (including both HTTPS and XMPP) are associated with that one Server Name.



that is true. the server name is linked to the ports. You can use DNS to resolve the admin site to any address though. that is not really relevent at all. You should make the server name, xmpp.domain, and server certificates should match. This will make all features work as they should.