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XMPP MUC - Is it possible to disable some feature to do this?

I have one room with two users.

I want that only moderator of the room knows the members-list.

Now, if the member (not moderator) sends something like this:


the member could know the list and the jid’s of the users, I want to keep it private that information.

Thanks in advance.

You probably need to configure your room accordingly.

See http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0045.html#registrar-formtype-owner

The following fields suit your use case:

I don’t how to set these via the Openfire Admin interface, I haven’t found anything. (only the latter can be set with “Show Real JIDs of Occupants to” option)

I see that but it doesnt work.

In the Openfire Admin interface, in Create new room section you should see this


But when I send a iq from a member, i get all members list. (it seems not work)

This probably configures, the “muc#roomconfig_whois” field. That is, if it is a anonymous or semi-anonymous room., i.e. if the jid attribute is included for a member.

What you are looking for is “muc#roomconfig_getmemberlist”, which doesn’t seem to be exposed via the Admin interface.

I don’t know if Openfire supports it via XMPP room configuration.

EDIT: From looking through the source this option isn’t available in Openfire. (it was added to MUC spec 1.23 in 2008)