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Xmpp only

This may sound like a wierd request, but I am looking for an XMPP client that I can limit to only have the option to setup a connection for the XMPP protocol.

Specifically my problem is in Pidgin, if i remove all of the plugins except necessary one from the plugin directory leaving only the plugin library for XMPP (libxmpp.dll) and I open pidgin and to go manage accounts, if I create a new account my options for protocols are google talk, facebook, and xmpp… I’m looking for a terminal services friend client that I can take down to just xmpp… no other options.

Does anyone have suggestions?

Try Gajim: http://gajim.org/

But since Google Talk and Facebook Chat uses XMPP, there is no other way as blocking the communication to these services if you don’t want anyone to use them with an XMPP client.

i kind of figured someone would respond like that… but i dont know how else to clarify my issue… We are not looking to block those services… just remove the ability for users to select them as an option if they get curious and decide to go clicking through buttons in whatever client we give them.

I dont suppose there is a client that be locked down with group policy?

Why not use Spark?

The last time we looked at Spark either it was a bit piggish for resources in a terminal services environment or it didn’t work in a TS environment. This has been an on and off project over the past 6 months.

You could try Pandion.

Well, i can only second Flow. With enough knowledge a user will enter Gtalk or other xmpp based service’s credentials instead of your xmpp server and will login without having any dedicated buttons for that service. Though this doesn’t always work like that (e.g. in current Spark version it is not possible to login to gtalk, though it should and it was working a while ago). Another point is that you are limiting yourself and your users in a selection of a client, and your selection is already limited because you want to have a light client for the TS environment. So, blocking connections to gtalk/fb on 5222 port (not sure what fb is using) looks like more beneficial. Just my 2 cents.

Pandion should be light on resources and i believe it only uses available transports on your server to connect to other networks (like Spark), but it could be possible to login to gtalk/fb just via the login screen. Should be tested. Also it hasn’t been updated for a year and a half i think.