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Xmpp openfire asmack eclipse 501 feature not implemented


i am using xmpp openfire and asamck lib and wrote the code in eclipse for android,

i have succesfully made chat conversation thru emulator, now i want to do file tranasfer, i have search the code on net (provided by harryjoy - http://harryjoy.com/2012/08/18/file-transfer-in-android-with-asmack-and-openfire /)

but when i start sedning file, i get error 501 features not implemented

i have already set the required setting in openfire

xmpp.proxy.enabled - true

xmpp.proxy.externalip -

xmpp.proxy.port - 7777

please help me to resolve problem, i googled almost 7 days

i am testing this on single machine i.e. on home pc

for chat - i made two emulator and it is successful