Xmpp openfire connection manager not working


I have downloaded the connection manager here .In windows I have extracted it to program files in C drive and edit the conf/manager.xml to set domain and password. I also enabled connection manager in openfire management console.

Now If I run bin/cmanager.bat Nothing is happening. Connection Manager is not working. what is the issue? how to resolve it?


Prabhu M

Please provide your files and settings manager.xml and openfire.xml corresponding openfire management platform Connection Manager

Same issue for i have migrated OF to setup on EC2 AMI and i want to forward the previous users linking to windows server by using connection manager …

I can successfully connect to OF using connection manager on my local macbook but nothing happens when i click .bat file in windows

OF 3.9.3

CM 3.6.3

All OF ports are open on EC2 instance

Firewall is OFF on windows