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XMPP Privacy, DIGEST-MD5, Smack customizations

Hey Matt/Gaston.

We’‘ve been using Smack for a while at our firm to power our XMPP/Jabber support. It’‘s been good to us so far. The only problem we’‘ve had is that we’‘ve needed total XMPP specification compatability. This includes Privacy and DIGEST-MD5 support. Up until now we’‘ve rolled our own custom STARTTLS and Privacy support into Smack, but lately it’'s been getting more and more difficult to maintain our changes on top of your changes.

The last couple of days I’‘ve been working towards DIGEST-MD5 support and I finally got a clean-room implementation working. Anyhow to the point… I was wondering if you would be interested in us helping merge our customizations into Smack. We have some requirements and customizations that I would love to be a core part of the Smack API, and I’‘m pretty sure we’'re willing to hand over most if not all of our customizations in the name of open source.

Let me know if we can discuss this further.


John Mickelonis


We’‘d be happy to incorporate your changes! When you say DIGEST-MD5 support, what are you referring to exactly? If you’'d like to discuss how to get your changes integrated in more detail, feel free to post here or send me an email directly.

Best Regards,


By DIGEST-MD5 I mean the DIGEST-MD5 SASL mechanism.

I’‘ll shoot you an email now detailing what we’'ve done, and what we need incorporated.