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Xmpp: URI

Would it be possible for Spark to be able to use xmpp:// URI’‘s when it’'s running.

Mostly so that these links in web-pages would work for messaging.

For example a user clicks on a link: xmpp://foo@bar.com

Spark then opens a chat window to chat with the user foo@bar.com.


That would be a nice feature,

but as far as I understand win32 the only option is to launch a new program. Launching another java app to do this would take too long. Maybe one can write a very simple and short cross-platform c/pl/py program to do some IIOP or even a much simpler protocol on localhost with Spark.

Simple protocol could require Spark to open a (configurable*) port, like and listen. With:

“telnet 9999”


^C /code one could be able to tell Spark the clicked URL.


(configurable*) … enables me to run two Spark instances and using a clever c program which selects the right Spark client depending on the URL.

I’'m not sure about launching another app. The xmpp:// URI works when Exodus is running…

AFAIR “xmpp://” is wrong[/b]:

A few examples:



(It is possible, you also need to encode the @ sign)

You’'re right.


Hi All,

This has been planned for the 1.1 release. You can track the issue here SPARK-177