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XMPPConnector doesn't connect

Has anybody had any luck connecting to openfire using the xiff XMPPConnector class?

For me, regardless of which stream type I try, the connection fails. Using stream and terminatedStream I never get any response from the server after sending the stream initiation stanza - after a minute the socket is closed due to inactivity but no data is ever received from openfire. Using flash and terminatedFlash I get an unknown error when the server sends a <stream:features message (which XIFF appears to not recognize) - .

I have had no problem at all connecting using the XMPPSocketConnector class, however, there are many other problems with the binary socket approach as discussed in other posts so I would prefer to use the XML socket approach for now.

Can you elaborate briefly on the deficiency in the socket connector vs the xml connector? We are using the socket connector and I was curious if it is something we should look at replacing with the xml connector?