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Y! Contact A's Status appearing in Y! Contact B

Openfire 3.4.5 Smack 3.0.4 ImGateway 1.2.2a

Produced consistently with a Yahoo account with 54 Yahoo contacts.

When logging in this account and viewing the presence messages via

smack debug console, we have seen that Contact A’s Status Text has been

applied to Contact B’s and Contact A will have a blank status (not sure

if the two are interchanged or Contact A’s status is actually just

lost, as Contact B had a blank initial status).

Ive attached the ther appropriate presence message snippets from Raw

Recieved Packets in Smack Debug Console. I tried 3 consequtive login

runs and each time status messages have been applied to random


My test account is a Buddy of the account being logged in and has the

name “uimarksievers@yahoo.bobafett”, I previously set my status message

via desktop Y! client to “uimarksievers”. As can be seen in the three

sets of logs, this status message has never been applied to the correct

account but 3 random ones!! It can also be seen with the status message

“working from home” which is a non-test user.