Yahoo contact list deleted after multiple login


I am using the Gateway plugin already for quite some time together with Yahoo and had no problems so far. But today I got a problem after I logged in with a 2nd jabber client to my Jabber account. When I was logged in with the first client I saw the contacts and everything was working. When I logged in with the 2nd jabber client to the same JID the yahoo contacts didn’'t show up in the 2nd client. I logged out and also logged out from the first client and login again on the first and the yahoo contacts were gone.

I am using OpenFire 3.3.2 and Gatway Plugin 1.1.0 beta2. The clients were both kopete from KDE 3.5.5 and the 2nd from KDE 3.5.7.

Someone who made the same experiences or could check this?



Did you happen to log into a real Yahoo client afterwards and make sure that your contacts are there or are not there?

I have no “real” yahoo client. Even don’'t know if there exists one for Linux. I just used this new Yahoo Mail Beta where you have also access to your yahoo IM contacts trough your browser. And the contacts have been gone there, too. It was just three users, so I added them again, but waiting for their confirmation before I can try it again. Will report when I have reproduced it.

Pidgin/gaim I would consider a “real one” for these purposes =)

On my first client I have now everything working again. My Yahoo contacts show up and I see them online. When I log in also with my 2nd client they don’‘t show up there and I also don’'t see them online. But this seems to be something else. Well, but the Yahoo contact list does not get deleted again this time!

Kopete has also YahooIM support like pidgin and there I see my new added contacts on both clients if I only log in once of course. But one buddy was still missing that I forgot to add so far, so the contact list was really deleted the first time.

I will watch out and see if this happens again in the next days and report if I get something new, otherwise if no one else has faced something like that it was maybe just bad luck.

Thank you very much so far!

Did you change your Openfire/Gateway plugin setup between your first attempt (that got your Yahoo roster cleaned of ever contact) and your second attempt?

Hi Guus, just wanted to let you know that I don’‘t think the Yahoo problems at the moment are because of OpenYMSG. =) There’‘s something odd going on that I’‘m trying to narrow down deep within openfire. (or at least that’‘s where the surface level problem is, I’‘m positive it’'s rooted within my code)

I’'ll see the Jira issues pop up if you find evidence to the contrary.


I use the gateway plugin already since several months and was always updating the plugin when new versions were announced here. But I always logged in just once as far as I can remember. The first time I logged in twice with two clients I was running 1.1.0beta2. And there it also happened that the yahoo contacts got deleted. I have tested in the last days several times to login twice and I did not experience this problem again. Yesteday I updated the plugin to 1.1.0beta3 and also today I did not have any delted contacts. So it seems to work actually. I don’'t know what went wrong the first time.

I just have problems now that the yahoo contacs don’'t show up in the 2nd client until I logout and login again, but that seems to be another topic.



Well I can verify that -something- is going on. I don’'t yet know what though. =)