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Yahoo contacts missing after using logging in with openfire



We recently had an incident where a user, after using our openfire client, had most of his yahoo contacts deleted from his yahoo contact list.

We imported a user’s contact list by creating and signing into an arbitrary openfire account with theuser’s yahoo username/password. After waiting 10 seconds for the roster to get filled in, we added all of the user’s yahoo contacts to the buddy list of our custom client for openfire. This “re-adds” each contact to the Yahoo contact list. The user logged into our system, added a few contacts and sent some

messages, then later logged out. When he logged into Yahoo’s own client he noticed that a large number of his contacts were missing.

After doing some research, we found that all the missing contacts were still in his yahoo address book (on yahoo’s website), but the affected contacts were no longer in his contact list. The only abnormality we saw was that he was using an older yahoo UK account and all his contacts had a “fix encoding” button on the ‘edit contact’ screen of yahoo’s online address book. I’m not sure if this could be related.

Has anybody seen this before? Any idea how it happened? We’ve imported many contact lists and never saw this behavior.

Thanks in Advance,