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Yahoo Login Issues

Hi folk! As you have probably witnessed already, Yahoo has messed with their protocol and no one can log in from the IM Gateway plugin right now. Same goes for Gaim/Pidgin and Trillian, even though Trillian appears to have fixed already. Interestingly enough, Adium X doesn’t seem to be having problems. I also didn’t have to perform an update on a real yahoo client to log in, so it’s not a “major” protocol change, just involves tracking down what is causing the problem. The OpenYMSG devs are working hard to figure it out. =) I’m going to put out an emergency plugin release with only that fix in it when the fix is ready. 1.2.1a most likely. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, you may want to disable yahoo on your server so that your users aren’t bugged with “wrong username or password” errors. If they have a big requirement for Yahoo at the moment, you may want to point them at the web messenger, available here:

You can track the issue here:


FYI, Pidgin 2.3.0 (win32) has no problem connecting to Yahoo this morning.

I am experiencing the IM Gateway problem you describe. I’m sure you’ll have it sorted out soon, tho



Hrm. Well that would explain why adium x has it fixed. (since they are using libpurple) I wonder what release the fix came in? Doesn’t matter, I think we have a fix! Testing.

If you guys are looking for the openymsg.jar file for a fix for the yahoo authentication issue, check out this thread. The jar file is under one of jadestorm’s posts.

I have added here as well.
openymsg_01.jar (125534 Bytes)

Awesome… I knew this was the case because i have seen the same thing with YPops when they start messing with protocols and such. Thanks for the help and posting the file here…

i seem to have problems when i try to login and my password ends with a space …

Does your -real- password end with a space? Yahoo accepted that???

(what I’m asking is, did you typo it with a space when you registered with the IM Gateway plugin, or is your real password supposed to have a space?)

actually, my real password ends with a space. Yahoo accepts it just fine