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Yahoo - Only Allow Buddies To Message User

Hello …

Is there an option to block all except buddies on the buddylist? I have some users receving spam IMs …


Bump? Anyone … Is it possible?

BUMP … Cant believe this hasnt been a need of many others until now… It cant be possible with all the spam messgaes VIA IMs these days…

I have one user that has this issue as well. I am not sure how he even gets the spam chats. I thought yahoo needed you to approve somebody before they can chat with you.

That is correct, Yahoo does not allow communication between two people if they have not authorized each other. So somehow this ‘spam’ account has been authorized. How that happened I do not know. The only protocol I receive spam on is GaduGadu … or at least I think it’s spam. I can’t read it. =)

Not correct… These users are NOT on her buddylist (in yahoo messenger or Spark) and when using the Yahoo client she does NOT receive the spam. Somehow you can still send messages to users without being added to their buddylist when using spark.

chuckle Well then magic must have been occurring, because I’ve witnessed the behavior I described many many times. I’ve -never- been able to get a message through without permissions. ICQ is one of the few protocols that has crap security precautions. I certainly can’t reproduce this.

Well I have just created a new account for the user since she uses it just for work, i just readded all our users … no problems…

Oddly enough, I’ve been getting spam messages as well. Usually with a link in them to go to some website. They’re usually offline messages, so when I log in they pop up, and the users are never online. (The usernames are usually really goofy.)

I thought there might be a way to block such things, so I did a search. Guess not, since it should already do so?

Well, that’s not to say there’s not eventually going to be the ability to block users via privacy lists — maybe. It depends on a number of things. I mean if you can block at the server level (Openfire itself) then it might not be necessary for the gateway plugin to have specific support for it. It might not even work out well. (in other words, if the theory behind privacy lists is that you set up your entire block list on the server you have connected to, then you wouldn’t be setting up privacy lists specific for components on that server, and the IM Gateway plugin would likely never receive any indicators that a block was set or unset. Just one of those things that’ll need to be researched at some point.

Detto, I keep on getting IMs from yahoo accounts, which are 100% not on my buddy list. Maybe this is a yahoo issue, but because of all these IM spam I can confirm, that Spark is quite fluent in all this foreigh char sets!

However I dont have a single Yahoo Buddy from India!



So how can we address this?

According to this: http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/messenger/messenger7/managingim/managingim-25.h tml

“When you receive a message from someone who is not in your Messenger List, the conversation window will notify you: “[user] is currently not in your Messenger List.” You’ll also see two links, one to “Add to Your Messenger List” and another to “Report as Spam.” To report the message as spam, click that link. You won’t receive more IMs from that yahoo_user_id.”

I guess wouldn’t really know, as I’ve never actually used the installable yahoo client.

Of course, the yahoo client has direct access to to the Yahoo network, so it has more room to do such things. =)

Either way, anyone who’s interested in investigating/writing code for this and sending it my way, I’d be happy to pull it into the codebase.