Yahoo roster not updating until sign-in again

Hi all. I have Openfire installed with the IM Gateway (Openfire 3.6.0, IM Gateway 1.2.4d). Here’s the problem:

I log into Openfire and register a yahoo account with the jabber account (let’s call this account A). I log into Openfire using Adium (by logging into the jabber account that has the yahoo account registered).

When another yahoo user (let’s call this user B) adds me, I do not get any notification. However, if I sign off A’s account and sign back in, the notification arrives.

Another case, if I add user B, I can see them online immediately, and user B never get’s a notification. I can just see them online.

Looking at the data sent between Openfire and Adium, it doesn’t appear any roster updates (i.e. user adds/deletes) or subscription requests are sent from Openfire to Adium.

Has anybody seen this?

Support for the gateway plugin from the developer has been suspended. There is no timeframe for when or if the support will return.