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Yahoo with @sbcglobal.net addresses

Is it possible to log in to the Yahoo gateway with a @sbcglobal.net yahoo IM address? I tried it and got this error in the log: ] Someone attempted to register with the gateway with an invalid username: xxx@xxx.com

I also tried useranme%sbcglobal.net instead but no luck there either.

Good lord, you can have email address looking yahoo usernames too? =D I thought yahoo only allowed … well non-email looking ones. Just verify with me that it’‘s true and I’'ll create an issue. =)

Yahoo has this deal with SBC (a phone company) where SBC customers are given a "username@sbcglobal.net" address instead of just using “username”.

If you use the official Yahoo client and add a new contact you will see you will prompted for a messenger ID of the contact and the following examples are given:





It is the only special case that I know of in the Yahoo IM system though. I’'m not certain if this is really an issue, because I do not have a sbcglobal.net address to test with. I am not sure if the address "fred@sbcglobal.net" is the same as “fred”.

Hrm, GATE-189

Incidentially the reason Yahoo supports email type addresses is because you can use Yahoo to talk to MSN users now.

it’‘s not just SBC, my mom has Verizon DSL and she got an xxxx@verizon.net style Y! name as well. It’'s part of “Yahoo for Broadband”