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Yet another Jabber client

Hi there!

I want to share my Jabber client (in fact, a little implementation of Smack 1.5.0) using Thinlet as a render engine.

I really love Thinlet, cause it’'s easy to build XML-powered smart and pretty applications, in few minutes.

As I said, it’'s a first test of the capacities of Smack and the limits of Thinlet, so it still buggy, and maybe slow. Read the readme.txt file to learn more about this.

I’‘d rather not attach the source code cause it could kill the most part of you, but keep in mind that’'s just a test , maybe further, with a buggyless code.

I’'m waiting for your suggestions, and thanks to the Smack/JiveMessenger development team !

Best regards, Herve.



Oooops Sorry.

Here is the URL : url=http://etherless.com/sample/sampleclient.zipsampleclient.zip[/url]


hm… as you said it’'s really plain:)

few hours heh? Well, i’‘m not a coder, so it’'s interesting to me to make GUI fast. So what do i need to make such sample? Some IDE to code, compile, etc.? BTW, this sampleclient.jar. Is this a modified smack.jar or what?

Hi !

I used url=http://thinlet.sourceforge.net/Thinlet[/url] to build this sample, but I could have used SwiXML, Purnama, SwingML, there isn’'t a lack of projects

Have a look url=http://java-source.net/open-source/xml-user-interface-toolkitshere[/url].

No need to have an IDE, even if I used Eclipse to build the application “core”, the longest part to program. A visual editor exists for Thinlet, powered by Thinlet itself : url=http://thing.sourceforge.net/ThinG[/url]. You should try it. After few time of use, I managed to build a simple application. I didn’'t found another project with a “simple” editor like that.

The lack of Thinlet is that it’‘s build one a single “messy” class… As far as it must handle complex objects like panels or buttons, it represents a real nightmare. Thinlet has been thought for lightweight clients, so it doesn’'t support Swing.

To use Swing, you should have a look at SwiXML, which is a promising project, but there isn’'t any free editor…

The difference between SwiXML and Thinlet is the rich/lightweight opposition.

And finally, I used the default smack.jar/smackx.jar (v 1.5.0) with a little modification of the Thinlet class (lastest version).

I prefer XML instead of pure graphical classes. As XML could describe GUI everywhere, be a really interesting alternative to hardcoded GUI classes (skins, different layouts…), I think it could be a good way to do something fast and flexible.