"You are not currently logged into the IRC transport." issue when trying to connect to IRC chatroom


whenever I try to connect through our corporate openfire to IRC chatroom on our corporate server, I get this message back:

You are not currently logged into the IRC transport.

(this is from Spark 2.5.8, but tried also and failed with the same error also with gajim 0.13svn, and psi 0.12; all these on Fedora Rawhide; I have no problems to connect to the server itself and to the real XMPP chatroom there).

Any thoughts on what’s the problem?

Curious, are you using Kraken, or Openfire’s Gateway plugin?

No, that’s just standard openfire without anything special.

Suggest replace the Openfire IM Gateway plugin with Kraken, a third party open source plugin. As far as I know, they took this functionality and improved it greatly. Please let us know if that helps.

See http://kraken.blathersource.org/