You cannot add new contacts to a Shared Group


I had created a group, added all users to it, and selected specific ones with “Admin” permission, so that they can add/remove users from this group.

However, still the message “” is shown and it is not possible to modify the group (roster) from Spark using any user (I can only add/remove from the administration page).

Is this caused because I’m using the embedded database (which is more limited?)? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


There is no such functionality as group administrator and these Admin checkboxes in the group’s roster do nothing. Also there is no role based administration system in Admin Console either. Every admin will have the full rights. You can accomplish administration via client by using User Service or say Helga bot plugins. But this administration is done in other way (via commands) and not as you have described. Also these plugins won’t let someone to administrate only one group, most of the options requires full rights.