You should be ashamed to release this version


You should be ashamed to release this version of OpenSource of JDEVed 3.6.0a.



Nothing wills s2s to any other server.


When you or I upgraded from 2.5.2 to that dillerious version ALL s2s servers failed at that point and went to HELL. 5269 is so simple. BE thankful that I are not Gabriel or Michael. Crimony JDEV developers that I are not a jackass. Crimony, be thankful that you get your software from this place. Damn, shall I go get… Erlang of perhaps Latex to reinvent the jabber protocol?

I really think these folks are that goofy


:We are raids:

They are ALL etherneted from one to a dozen. And all are arrayed, granted some are on Wins, most clusters are on OSX, and some are on Unix. But these folks wil not answer. They will not answer.They are all, drunk are stupid on drugs.


Hello Estabon,

as I have written before: S2S is working with 3.6.0a for intranet installations between 3.6.0a servers.

It might be helpful, if you would provide technical details.