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1.1.0: Any success stories?

Hi folk,

So far I’ve not heard a lot of positive response to 1.1.0. I’m wanting to know if anyone is having success with it or everyone who’s upgraded is having issues? I’m working on a 1.1.1 “quick release” to fix things as I find out what’s going on but there’s a lot of complete mysteries that are coming about. By the same token, I’m generally hearing from about the same set of 4 or 5 people, so what about the rest of you?


Not sure if it’s really related to 1.1.0 but before I encored a lag of at least 60 seconds when logging on to my account if any of the transports was enabled. This is now gone. Everything that already worked before with the beta releases still works.

Thanks for your continued efforts!

Good to hear!!! Thank you!

We’ve been using the plug-in since the initial beta’s. 1.1.0 works brilliantly here - we only have 15 Spark users who mainly use MSN, but we have had almost no issues since Beta 7. We really want to see ICQ improve, but so far so good - we all really appreciate your efforts.



Hi, Jadestorm!

We have installed Openfire with IM Gateway 1.1.0 and we’re using Spark clients for tests. Our major purpose is ICQ gateway, as a part of IM Gateway. I see that ICQ gateway is only an experimental gateway. We still have two main problems: 1) messages to offline users disappear and 2) problems with authorization. We will appreciate your work in this field.

its going well, successfuly built my new client with the GTalk gateway and the Gateway plugin for openfire and it works nicely only thing is the bizzare Yahoo problem.

for me it’s working fine - although i’m only using the icq gateway with it’s known issues (addning new users; offline messages; status messages only from some users)

Thx jadestorm for the development of the gateway-plugin.

It is generally a good plugin but i have only use for the icq-gateway.

The ICQ-Gateway is a fag

Seriously its no possible to view vcards, to add people (auth-problems - the user disappers on next connect), to get or send offline-messages and some messages disappers (i think specialchars and length-limitations).

Please spent more time to the icq-gateway because i think most people use it in there private time. I know that ICQ is a crap but a good icq-gateway is a way to fight against it i think

Status messages only from some users? This I haven’t heard before regarding the ICQ transport.

It sounds like overall the biggest request here is that ICQ be fixed up to where it can be considered stable. ICQ stuff isn’t really the highest voted on my issue tracker, so it’s interesting to hear that maybe I don’t have “the right” issue listed for people to vote on. =)

i figured out that i get status messages form users that use an actual (original) icq client or the newest miranda client. from oder users i don’t get those messages (eg trillian or miranda 0.48).

if you need more explicit informations just contact me (xmpp://smilingj@smilingj.net)

Any you’re absolutely sure those versions -do- status messages? ICQ hasn’t had status messages all that long. (just available, away, na, dnd, etc etc) but not the “I’m out to lunch!!!” type stuff. Can you see their status messages from other clients?

jep i do … althogh most (~90%) of my contacts don’t have the icq client. and with that one i have those issues. i’m absolutly sure that there’s some text in their messages becaus miranda has this nice conetext menu entry Retrieve status message … and that’s what i’m refering to.

i hope that helps - if not - perhapc i can communicate with you in germen (i suppose you’re from here or any german-speaking country,b ecause of the language files in the beta versions, which didn’t work correct, except switching the interface lang to german )

I am very happy with the plugin. Since the official release I didn’t had any issues with it. Not using all the gateways. Only MSN and GTalk are being used actively. Also registered AIM and ICQ, but with a empty contactlist.

Hi, thanks for the efforts. The text message to MSN and GTalk works ok. The problem is whenever any contacts from MSN trys to send me a file, it will cause the gateway down, until I restart the server. It may be a server issue, but I am bit desperate and hope you can give me some suggestions. Thanks! (BTW: Both Spark hand Pandion have this problem. )

Exception in thread “AutoCloseEventGenerator0” java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError

at net.sf.jml.message.p2p.MsnP2PMessage.messageReceived(MsnP2PMessage.java:206)

at net.sf.jml.message.IncomingMimeMessage.messageReceived(IncomingMimeMessage.java :56)

at net.sf.jml.protocol.MsnSession$1.messageReceived(MsnSession.java:106)

at net.sf.cindy.impl.AbstractSession$6.doRun(AbstractSession.java:341)

at net.sf.cindy.impl.AbstractSession$DispatchObject.run(AbstractSession.java:395)

at net.sf.cindy.impl.SimpleDispatcher.dispatch(SimpleDispatcher.java:35)

at net.sf.cindy.impl.AbstractSession.dispatch(AbstractSession.java:249)

at net.sf.cindy.impl.AbstractSession.dispatchMessageReceived(AbstractSession.java: 335)

at net.sf.cindy.impl.StreamChannelSession.recognizeMessageAndDispatch(StreamChanne lSession.java:77)

at net.sf.cindy.impl.StreamChannelSession.readFromChannel(StreamChannelSession.jav a:53)

at net.sf.cindy.impl.ChannelSession.onReadable(ChannelSession.java:212)

at net.sf.cindy.impl.ChannelSession.onEvent(ChannelSession.java:134)

at net.sf.cindy.impl.SocketSession.onEvent(SocketSession.java:119)

at net.sf.cindy.impl.SimpleEventGenerator.processKey(SimpleEventGenerator.java:212 )

at net.sf.cindy.impl.SimpleEventGenerator.run(SimpleEventGenerator.java:192)

at net.sf.cindy.impl.SimpleEventGenerator.access$000(SimpleEventGenerator.java:54)

at net.sf.cindy.impl.SimpleEventGenerator$1.run(SimpleEventGenerator.java:115)

Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException

at net.sf.jml.message.p2p.DisplayPictureDuelManager.<init>(DisplayPictureDue lManager.java:27)

at net.sf.jml.message.p2p.DisplayPictureDuelManager.<clinit>(DisplayPictureD uelManager.java:12)

… 17 more

Hello !

I’m back home

I just install this new gateway, and i don’t have any new problems, but old one still exist in this release

I’m talking only about Gadu-Gadu (can’t add and delete users) and MSN (all know whats wrong) because i use only this 2 gateways.

Well. I use ICQ and messaging is working. So there is only known problems and those mysterious with Spark (Offline contacts showing in General group, or General group not showing on first startup, or Pending contacts showing in general group after logout login).


Generally 1.1.0 has been working for me, but not without some oddities. Unfortunatly, nothing seems easily reproducable.

Issues I’ve had:

  1. I use AIM, MSN, ICQ, and YIM gateways…sometime when I login, they all show I am logged in but I dont see anyone else logged in. I shutdown Spark and go back in and usually everyone appears…sometimes it take a few restarts.

  2. Sometimes when I log in I only get some of the gateways Icons showing in Spark. For example, I might only see the AOL and YIM icon. If I go into the Openfire manager, it shows I am logged into all 4 gateways. Usually exiting and going back into Spark resolves the issue.

  3. I tired adding the gtalk gateway and could not get it to show in my spark session. I decided to just disable it and move on until the next release.


Openfire has been great so far as an internal corporate IM system (I am in a testing phase with only a few users). The only issue that arises for me is that the IM Gateways (specifically MSN and Yahoo) have to be restarted when a user logs out of Spark. The contact lists for MSN and Yahoo do not display in the users Spark client until the IM gateway is restarted and the user logs back into Spark. Once the IM Gateway is restarted an users log back to the spark client, everything works great as long as the spark session is active.

I find the Openfire Server and the Spark client to be excellent and am wondering if it is a setup issue on my end (although setup is about as easy as you can make it) as I have not been able to find other users in the forums experiencing similar problems.

Openfire 3.3.2, Spark 2.5.5

To me it seems that most problems described here are not just gateway problems, something wrong is how Spark is working with gateway.

Hi Daniel – looks like you updated while I was on vacation. Congrats!

I see you’ve been working on a few other things, though; any plans to do a 1.1.1 beta soon?