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100% CPU use on Windows Server 2012 R2 with 64Gb RAM

Hi support
I’m having a few days ago an issue regaring a HIGH CPU USE 100% the openfired service
I try to do an upgrade but the result were the same.

Start with no problems but when when users start to chat or loggin, around 1 hour. the service collapse in CPU use

My server is:
Proliant ML350 Gen9
CPU Xeon E5-2620
Memory 32 Gb Ram

openfire version 3.10.3

OS Windows Server 2012 R2

Running on external MSSQL database in the same server.

Any Idea?


It’s a very old version of Openfire; can you upgrade?

Barring that, what version of Java are you running with it? It may be downgrading to something older will help.


I’d like to see a thread dump of the process, when it is running at 100%.

how can I send it to you? I generate the file using JSTACK utility… plain text file

here goes the file… please analize this… I have try all versions of openfire… and the same problem… maybe its the windows server 2012 R2


hello guus?? anyone??

Hi, maybe it’s in the cache.
If the cache is too small, then Openfire accesses the database more often and because of this the processor load may increase.
Attach a screenshot of your Openfire “Cache summary” cache page

I have no made changed to the cache settings… it has the default values when installed the application

Then it’s clear why everything is hanging on you.
Add these parameters to the console and reboot Openfire
cache.Roster.size -1
cache.User.size -1
cache.VCard.size -1
cache.group.size -1
cache.userCache.size -1
cache.username2roster.size -1
cache.vcardCache.size -1

Are these values have to be put in the


at the buttom introduce the property name and the value??

nothing same problem :frowning:

don’t know where else to look for.

Sorry, the first parameter “Openfire.Roster.size -1” is incorrect.
Replace it with
cache.Roster.size -1

here is a screenshot where the parameters are located.

y just put fine the first time you reply me to

cache.Roster.size -1
cache.User.size -1
cache.VCard.size -1
cache.group.size -1
cache.userCache.size -1
cache.username2roster.size -1
cache.vcardCache.size -1

and the problem continue

this are screenshots of my configurations

other config info

Try to give more Java memory.
Here is a screenshot of how to do this on Windows Server.!

But my advice is to install a clean Openfire 4.4.0 (x64), then install the latest Java JRE 8 or 11 and install MS SQL 17 Express and create a new database for openfire.

nothing… same results…
Here are logs files:

Have this server been tested on windows server 2012 R2?

all.log (730,7 KB)

If you mean thorough testing by developers on every OS for every release, then no. There are only a few folks (most often one man) doing something here in their part time.

Btw, there is a new plugin called Thread Dump. Maybe it will provide a more useful debug info, although i see you already provided one before.

Openfire 3.8.1 on Java 1.6 ? That is not what your original post said. Please share a screenshot showing you using modern versions of Openfire and Java.

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ok wroot an akherz
I clean install openfire latest version 4.4.0 with JRE bundled
I installed the Thead Dump plugin
Start the service…

Wait for the CPU use peak to > 90%

and this file is the Thread dump

threatdump.txt (122,7 KB)

waiting for instructions… thanks peoples