32 bit JRE required?

Was going to give Spark another go, after quite a few years, but it wanted a 32-bit JRE.
Am I supposed to install a 32-bit JRE, side by side with the existing 64-bit JRE?
For many years now, I do not use anything 32 bit. Are you sure it has to be 32 bit?

Sort of. iirc, the packaging software creates the launcher using x86, so there for it wants a x86 jre.

A work around would be to launch it using a bat or sh file. here are some examples

created [SPARK-2276] - Ignite Realtime Jira

Great! So it runs. Thanks!
But still no audio calls. Yawn. I’ll check back after a few more years.

unfortunately audio and video is lacking in spark. There may be other xmpp clients that will fit your needs. pade plugin might be an option for you as well. I think jitsi desktop and pidgin might have audio/video as well.

Nightly builds of Spark 3.0.0 added the SparkMeeting(Pade) plugin for one-on-one video calls. You need to install the plugin for Openfire. Please try this.

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Probably I will but want to ask this first: when I send a file to a user with whom I might want to voice/video chat, the file uploads only at the rate of a few kilobytes per second. In the logs, I can see that it is base64 encoded and sent through my OF that acts as file proxy. Is this speed going to be sufficient for voice/video?

I tested on local and remote server, it was fast. By the way, we have added a 64bit installer for Windows.

Probably my concern is misplaced/unfounded, but it is largely based on slow sending of files through the server. It is like, very slow. So I naively assumed that voice/video through the server is going to be just as slow.