504 Gateway timeout on <presence> package


i have setup bosh and strophe.

It is logged in, as per logs, but i don’t see “ONLINE” status.

User stays offline.

Then browser tries send this package:

And then i got 504 Gateway Time-out. (60 seconds timeout)

NGinx conf.

location /http-bind/ {

proxy_buffering off;

tcp_nodelay on;

keepalive_timeout 60;

            proxy_pass [http://*********:7070/http-bind/;](http://*********:7070/http-bind/;)


I cannot understand where the issue could be. Does client logged in? And why it is not appearing online?


I have no solution to the problem, but I had it, too recently (with Smack client to Openfire 3.8.2)

I am not sure, if this is an Openfire bug or just a bad setup network environment.

If you find a solution or know the cause, let us know.