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Add an option to ask for confirmation when closing conversation window with multiple chats

Hi all.I would like to hear your opinion. @guus @speedy @wroot @akrherz @Bill_Roland
For a long time I wanted that in Spark there was an opportunity to ask before closing the chat. I think we need to implement this feature already in Spark 3.0.0. But I think it will be very redundant to ask always, I think it is necessary to ask when closing the window only if there are unread messages and only if this option is enabled.

Or add a drop-down list with options -

  • ask Always
  • Never ask
  • Only if there are unread messages.

Right now I’ve implemented it with two options:

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The way you did this looks fine to me :+1:

yes! great add and looks great! Thank you for all you’re doing with spark! you’re doing great work!!!

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Thank you for your opinion!
Should this option be enabled by default?

I am leaning towards enabled by default.

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Yeah, I like this too. Enable by default would also be my preference.

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