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Any way to enable jabber:iq:browse and jabber:iq:agents?


I’m working on a retro XMPP server enabling old machine (and by extensions old clients) to connect and chat. I’m stumbling on an issue where some clients assume that jabber:iq:agents exists and just waits and waits for a response. Is jabber:iq:agents support removed from the code base or is there any way to re-enable it?


That namespace seems to correspond to XEP-0094: Agent Information. That one is so old, that I’ve never actually seen it. :slight_smile: I do not think that Openfire ever had support for this.

Adding support should not be to hard, by writing a plugin that is an IQHandler for that namespace.

Thanks for the answer! I’ll have to learn some Java and have a look at it I guess :slight_smile:

Hehe, yep, that thing is old, but then again, so is Openfire. :wink:

Interesting! I wonder if it would be a hard task to implement these in one (or two) plugins.
Never wrote a single line of Java before, but I might give it a shot.

Any help is greatly appreciated! :wink:

I am curious why you are up to this task. Is it out of personal interest or is this is paid gig?

I’m knee deep in the retro computer scene, hence the question in the first place.

Trying to get as much “current” technology to older computer platforms (focusing on Classic Mac OS and Amiga). XMPP clients running on those platforms havent been updated in 15-20 years in some cases and only support these now legacy XEP’s. Many of the clients wont even authorize properly without the “Agent list” being transferred from the server. I used to run a jabberd14 server hosting services with spectrum2, but since the project died I moved to OpenFire which I have grown to like quite a lot.

So no, it’s not a payed gig. Just a very passionate hobby project :slight_smile:

Is there anyone willing to help me out with this? I would gladly pay for your effort. Would help the retro computer community in general quite a bit.