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Avatars not showing


im a little bit confused…publishing avatars works on spark but not really via conversations or snikket…

conv says it has:
0163 pep avatars omemo
0191 blocking command
0198 stream managment
0215 external service discovery
0237 roster versioning
0280 message carbon

any help would be greatly appreciated .


Conversations uses XEP-0084 PEP based avatars.
Then there is an older XEP-0153 vcard based avatars.

You could use this plugin XEP-0398 Avatarconversion Plugin
It makes avatar conversion (XEP-0398) available.

For some peopleavatars show for some they dont… Still🤔

As i have mentioned in another thread, there are some issues with pep not pushing notification to contacts after updating a node… maybe it has sth to do with it. But do you realy know that all your contacts use conversations or another client with xep0084? Otherwhise u need the xep398 plugin on the server.

All of them were using conversations.

Later on some switched to blabber.

The issued remained the same which lead me to the conclusion that its the server or something else.

I tried snikket server too and that one works with no problem when it comes to avatar and MUC which i have explained here https://discourse.igniterealtime.org/t/muc-omemo-works-on-only-for-some-users/90774

Can you confirm that issue here too? Bug in PEP Service, updates to nodes are not pushed to roster contacts

Im sorry for my ignorance.

But i think im not using that module.

Here are mine.

Funny thing is, that user A and B can see each others avatars but say user C, D, E… cant see any avatars.

Here is a screenshot of my xep modules.

What I noticed now is, if I go in the contact profile and reclick reciebe presence update the avatar shows…

If the contact changses picture again I wont see it until i reclick recieve presence updates :sweat_smile:

Conversations uses XEP-0084. The client should get notifyd by the server with an message event (metadata), if the contact changed his avatar.
Furthermore there is/was an issue in the latest Openfire Release (maybe some versions earlier too) which prevents sending message events. So maybe you did not get notifyd.

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Thanks for the reply. I suppose it’s a bug or something.