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Brazil - daylight saving time

According to the decree http://www.planalto.gov.br/ccivil_03/_Ato2007-2010/2008/Decreto/D6558.htm the beginning of daylight saving time in Brazil was changed.
I’ve looked at the openfire and spark changelog, but both have been compiled with java that do not have this new daylight saving time, the version of the new daylight saving time is 8u172 or higher (https://www.oracle.com /technetwork/java/javase/tzdata-versions-138805.html).

Is it possible to release an openfire and spark version that uses java 8u172 or higher?

By compiled do you mean bundled? If so, you can just remove bundled jre folder in Openfire or Spark installation folder and install your own system wide version of Java. Openfire and Spark will then use it.

Next Openfire version is still in the works. It should use newer Java when released. Can’t say when it could be released. Spark’s development is currently in stall because of lack of developers and a few major issues with the current version.

That, packaged.

I had forgotten that there were 2 download options (with and without java). I tested to use the non-java version included and the hours were displayed correctly.
Thanks for the help.

Good. Btw, you don’t have to install the other version. They are the same, only the bundled one has jre folder inside its installation. If you delete that folder, both versions are exactly the same and will work the same by using the system’s Java.

I removed a JRE folder that was in c:\program files\spark and the java “magically” has been updated and the time is being displayed correctly. Much easier …