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Change username in Spark + AD

Hi, guys

I’m trying to ask it with my basic English, but let’s go

Here at my work we have Spark integrated with AD and at first it used to show just the name of everyone, but now I’m trying to put the phone in front of the name of them but it’s not working at all. I put it on first/last name because I can’t change it, it would bug our system. It’s my first time with Spark and I tried some things like:

I went to Openfire > Server Properties > ldap.groupNameField and changed “cn” to “cn,physicalDeliveryOfficeName”, then I went to AD and put the phone on Office but it didn’t change anything on Spark.

Could someone help me with it?

This looks like similar request Openfire + Active Directory Composite roster name (CN + Description)

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