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Could you tell me the settings of Openfire

Good afternoon, colleagues.
There is Openfire 4.0 on Ubuntu on which SSO(Kerberos) is configured.
But the Openfire server was set 3 years ago(I think version 3.9.3), there is a lot of unknown parameters, tell me if some sort of manual for settings or tell me what settings are wrong.

The main problem is that some Spark clients become “offline” even though they are online.

Can you clarify? You mention two versions of Openfire. So which is used and on which version do you experience a problem? Also 4.0 is vague, provide exact version number.

I don’t think anyone will uptake a task of going through all hundreds of system properties to compare them.

Yes I can. Now the 4.4.0 version is used and sometimes Spark clients become offline.

I saw in the next topic (Session disconnecting)
What you need to change the parameter stream.management.active
But I do not understand what he is responsible for.

Stream management or SM is a feature designed for mobile world. It keeps client session online when a client is disconnected for a short time. The benefits of doing this: a) client doesn’t have to go through the process of establishing a new session, which is a lengthy process, so it can get online faster after the network is up again, b) psycological effect - if you go online and offline every few seconds because of a flaky mobile internet, the others would hesitate talking to you fearing that you wouldn’t get a message. With SM you appear online and everything seems fine.

That’s at least how i understand this feature. There is another setting xmpp.session.detach.timeout which controls SM timeout, which is by default 10 minutes (setting in milliseconds). You can either try lowering it or disabling SM with the setting you have mentioned, if SM is of no value to you.

Recent ticket https://issues.igniterealtime.org/projects/OF/issues/OF-1813

Btw, your case seems opposite, so maybe it is not related to SM.