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Current 3.9.3 OpenFire Server Issues

I also upgraded from 3.9.1 to 3.9.3 and ran into the similar problems people have been having. I have had none of the reported problems with LDAP, groups and memory leaks as other users reported until going to 3.9.3. I have my OpenFire server connected to my Active Directory using LDAP connection in the server console. My OpenFire server is running on Cent OS 6.5 with the most recent general release kernel - 2.6.32-431.17.1.el6.x86_64 #1 SMP.

OF Groups Missing in IM Client: I created object groups in AD specifically for the OpenFire server and linked my various staff and departments into those groups. Before 3.9.3 I had no problem with groups being pulled in from AD and disappearing in the IM client. Renaming the groups with removing spaces and special characters has so far worked but is a terrible solution to this problem.

Users Appearing Offline: I also experienced the issue with users appearing offline even though they weren’t though their session was still active on the server. Expanding the vcard, username2roster and even the java memory size and caches all seemed to help but I still think there is an underlining problem.

Java Memory Leak: Also as I stated before I’m experiencing the memory leak now. I’m running the current java Cent OS 6.5 general release version 1.7.0_55, OpenJDK Runtime Environment (rhel- u55-b13), OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 24.51-b03, mixed mode). I changed my sysconfig file to point to the /etc/alternative/java link instead of using the OpenFire built in, However I’m still getting a constant memory growth in my OF admin console where the memory keeps growing from roughly 40 MB to 120-130 MB out of 592 MB total. Granted I’m not maxing out my java memory buffer but it’s not normal behavior.

Granted this is a post that applies to several existing posts but I felt it might be better to group them up into one.

Re #2 “me too”

User appearing offline is defintely still an issue. My enterprise upgraded to 3.9.3 and we are still having that issue.

Well, it looks that 3.9.2 (3.9.3) was rushed to release with too many changes and features cramped into…

Filed OF-813 for the memory leak and OF-814 for the offline users issue. To clarify, do you all use LDAP integration?

I do

I’m curious to see if there were code changes or additions that might have caused Openfire to consume more resources than in previous versions.

So far over the weekend, my server has been stable since I made the adjustments above. The only thing consistent is the constant increasing of Java memory to roughly about 120-150mb then back down to 40mb. It just keeps cycling. Thanks for posting the bug reports wroot. I’ll keep reporting anything new as it appears for me.

The only thing consistent is the constant increasing of Java memory to roughly about 120-150mb then back down to 40mb. It just keeps cycling.

This is pretty normal behavior. I’ve seen this “cycling” in most Java applications.

Still wondering if there’s a leak then. If it’s just cycling, there’s no leak.

knocking on wood…but I haven’t had any issues with the upgrade, although my deployment is pretty small. only 60-75 users.

running on windows 2008 r2


shared groups

perhaps this is a linux specific issue?

I’m running on Windows.

I’m on linux, with Oracle’s 1.7.0_51 Java. No LDAP.

Cycling is indeed normal. This is how JVM’s garbage collector works. In my case it runs ok now using 200-400 MB of 700 max, for two weeks now i think. On 3.9.3 it jumped to 700 in a few days.

Btw. What clients do you use. Spark 2.6.3 maybe? I saw another post with similar issue (offline users). And it seems using latest Spark builds helped. I’m using latest Spark builds for almost a year now. So, maybe that’s why i didn’t see this issue.


Yeah, I’m on some 2.6… beta/ nightly build one.

I will download a nightly build now and see if I can get some users to test.

I’m running OpenFire 3.8.2 and 3.9.3 on CentOS 6.5. Other than some FastPath issues, I’ve not experienced any memory leak issues.

The FastPath and WebChat issues have been resolved though.

John in Oregon

Hey, #1 is not just OF 3.9.3 problem.

I have the same on 3.8.2.

for those having problems…what database are you all using? Is your ldap/ad server on the same subnet/lan?

windows or linux? how many users/connections?

Its strange that some people are having issues, while others are not.

  1. PostgreSQL 8.3, located on the same host - Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter

  2. Yes, subnet is the same. Both servers(OF and DC) are virtual, esxi 5.1

  3. At about 200 simultaneously connected users and more then 2000 users in AD.

When some people have the problem while the others don’t, it can be error in configuration, but it also can be a bug.

In my case it works partially. I have 2 disappearing groups, while the other groups works fine, so i think it’s a bug.

I’m using the embedded database. I have only the leak problem as i don’t use ldap. Single lan, 120 active users.

Multiple LANs, AD, 35-40 users, SQL Server backend, Server 2012 R2 host

The problem seems better now that I’ve grabbed a nightly build of Spark; has anyone else tried that and can confirm?

By default AD will only allow 1000 results per query…so you may want to look into that as a possible issue? Also, what virtual nic driver are you using with vmware? Whats your patch version of vmware? There is a bug that will cause the server to drop packets if your using the intel e1000 nic. and a few kb on dropped packets caused by traffic burst. If you are using the e1000, try using vmxnic3.

You might also want to grab the latest ms sql driver for openfire. http://jtds.sourceforge.net/

This resolved some issue for me on previous version.

Just to chime in on the OF-814 discussion (as what I’m seeing since the upgrade to 3.9.3 doesn’t exactly match what others have been saying, or I’ve just dug a little bit deeper):-

OF (deployed from .deb) is running on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 32-bit Server (current updates), DB is Percona MySQL 5.5, LDAP auth to Windows 2003 SBS AD, XMPP groups and users in a single OU, all servers on a single LAN and all clients Pidgin (various, but mostly 2.10.X).

Some of my users are seeing other users as “Not authorized”, and if I check the user rosters, all the shared groups have disappeared (other than the groups the users are members of). Appears to be losing the shared group info on a daily basis for some users, where for others it remains “normal”. Disabling and re-creating the shared groups gets things back as I would expect, and I’ve today built an extra “All Users” group to see if that tricks OF into not deleting the other shared groups.

Otherwise, not noticed a memory leak (not that I was looking for one), nor any other issues in 3.9.3.