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District Messenger 2.5 is out now

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I’'m a little confused. The client shown on that site is Pandion.



I no they sayed i can us it for free

i gust can not make $ of it

you can use it to just email them on there site

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the people are nice to ask to use it

they help me out with swiching all the stuff on it

Funny This IS Pandion. And even whole Pandion’'s page is copied, just clients name changed to District Messenger.

Well, this is not very funny of course, especially from the point of Pandion developers. And i dont see any meaning in such obvious copying.

Strange people.

i cant spell if some one is going to help fix it

I got ADHA

Just explain us what is the purpose of such copying of ither client. Not even cloning, just copying of all stuff and only changing the name.

If you cant explain it in english, so try other. French? Maybe someone will translate. Because now i dont understand what you want to say.

If you are going to make some unique changes in District Messenger then say about that. What is the difference between DM and Pandion?

o ya i email them and ask if i can use it ok

they send ok

i just can not sell it

and can not remove the copy right

Sebastiaan Deckers

to me

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We can certainly help you with a branded instant messenger. This

includes changing the name, logo, default settings, default server

addresses, and so on.

Can you please give me an idea of what this IM client would be used

for? I’'d also like to know a little about your company or organization.

And of course: Do you have any particular customizations in mind for the

branded instant messenger?

Kind regards

Sebastiaan Deckers

Visit: www.pandion.be

IM me: cbas@pandion.be

Email: cbas@pandion.be

Phone: +32 5027 6038

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Sebastiaan Deckers

to me

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The Pandion license agreement allows you to customize (i.e. brand with

your name/logo) the software and distribute it for non-commercial purposes.

So you can change whatever you want in Pandion for free. As long as

you’'re not making any money from distributing the software then you

don’'t need any commercial license to do this.

Take a look in /settings/brand.xml to get started.

Kind regards

Sebastiaan Deckers

Visit: www.pandion.be

IM me: cbas@pandion.be

Email: cbas@pandion.be

Phone: +32 5027 6038

We are now rerighting it all for you people

Bruha, rofl, lol,

that’'s a funny thing. Lucky as we are Jivesoftware does not offer such options for Spark, otherwise we could download clients like Distract Messenger 1.0.3 or even better 1.0.4 with just the same code like Spark Messenger 1.0.3.


ya kool it is all setup for you can use your servers

i am try to add msn but i can not get it to work

What are you talking about?

wroot…i am a newbie to this and dont have the 930 posts that you have, but i did have the sense to look at the about page. And I found all of the props given to the proper people.

I would suggest before slamming other you read the License found here:


Load the program and see the about box, and if dont care to load it I posted you a copy here:http://img44.imageshack.us/my.php?image=distric5yi.png

“Thats all I got to say about that…” Forrest Gump

Why would you assume wroot was ‘‘slamming other(s)’’?

The last message from wroot said quite simply - “Just explain us what is the purpose of such copying of the(i)r client.”

I would take that as a question (or a request for information) rather than a ‘‘slam’’. Your comment, OTOH “…I did have the sense to…” implies that wroot didn’'t have said sense, and that seems more like a slam.

Anonymity seems to make people very combative… couldn’'t you just have posted the screenshot and invited everyone to take a look at it to see that anyone could rebrand Pandion following the approval of the developers? That would have benefited all of us without the bad feeling.

what do i have to do

to fixs it

i cant read or spell


there i put it back

Test T…