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History settings

I’ve just installed the spark client and and could login successfully. The client looks and handles well. I’m interested in knowing a little about the history save option.

  1. Does the spark client save both personal chat and conference chat histories indefinitely?

  2. Are there settings to change the default locations of the history files?

Thanks, and kudos on a job done well


  1. Yes, Spark save the histroy indefinitely.

  2. Yes and No, you can change the directory only in the spark source.

Spark history is per user profile and per computer. If the same user logs into a different computer their history will not follow unless they have a roaming profile.


where can I find the History ?



The transcripts are found in each users profile in the spark folder: e.x. C:\Documents and Settings<username>\Spark\user<username>@mtschat.ad.mtstravel.com\transcripts

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