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How much can wildfire handle?


how much users at the same time can wildfire handle?

and how big is the database file when 40.000 members are registered?


Hi Menno,

how much users at the same time can wildfire handle?

this depends on the available memory. You may calculate 1 MB real and virtual memory for each user but I did never try to run more than 700 concurrent users because my page file is very small (700 MB).

and how big is the database file when 40.000 members registered.

If the users store a lot of offline message, avatars and vcards it may use some space. Maybe you can populate your database with 100 users and check its size. If you are using Oracle than the database itself will likely use more memory than the Wifi data.


Hey Menno,

Wildfire can easily accommodate 5000 concurrent users. You will need to change the JVM configuration. It has also been reported that when using a 64 bit operating system the server can handle 20K concurrent users/connections.

Once Pampero is in place, the server will be able to scale much much more. Pampero project will let you run Connection Managers in other machines whose main purpose is to concentrate socket connections and then multiplex the connection to the main server. The final picture includes replication of the main server (i.e. clustering) so you can have a HA solution with no single point of failure.


– Gato

how can i config wildfire up to 5000 online users?

my system tech:

4x 64bit 800fsb 3.4g

18gb ram

4x 1gig network card on router of viberglass connection

2x 250gb hdd

(its my old game server)

please help me how to config wildfire to it! i realy need to know

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Hi menno,

what causes trouble for you? What operating system are you using? Did you already install Wifi? Which database are you using? Are you using LDAP? How many concurrent users will you have, I assume that 5000 is the number of registered users?

If you calculate 1 MB for each user you will enable a 5 GB swap partition or page file (better 1*avail RAM) and thus 18 GB. Create a vmoptions with -Xms1G -Xmx5G file as described in the documentation and start Wifi.

Your server seems to have to much CPU’‘s, memory NIC’'s and storage to run only Wifi


Hey LG,

About your post, I’'m not sure about the numbers you are giving regarding the RAM memory. I know that your numbers are trying to give a high level overview and not an exact number. Anyway, the number can greatly vary based on number of defined vCards (if users are using them), size of images stored in vCards, number and size of groups, number of files being transfered (using the proxy), number and size of privacy lists, etc… In fact, it will also depend on the max cache size and timeout that system caches are using.

My initial recommendation for menno at this point is that he will need to reduce the “stack size” of the threads. Each thread in the JVM get’'s a stack. The stack size will limit the number of threads that you can have, too big of a stack size and you will run out of memory as each thread is allocated more memory than it needs. Use the -Xss parameter to set the smallest possible value. This value should be passed to java when starting the server.

And as you mentioned he will need to increase the url=http://java.sun.com/performance/reference/whitepapers/tuning.html#section4.1 .2max heap size and probably change the size of the “young generation”[/url] memory. You may also want to read the url=http://java.sun.com/performance/reference/whitepapers/tuning.htmlJava Tuning White Paper[/url] to learn how to finetune Java to get the max of it.


– Gato


If you calculate 1 MB for each user you will enable a

WAIT a minute, pls! )

What the hell is going on inside Wildfire?? Up to this very moment I thought Jabber/XMMP technology is cute, slim and sexy??

Having around 1 MILLION Bytes of RAM (yes, I know 1 MB is NOT equal to 1 Million Bytes!) allocated for each and every user sounds really steep to me.

Can anybody get me some more infos, what all this memory is used for?

Hey everybody,

Well my question is! what must i do to run over 5000 users all online and all intesive use!

what system can i best setup and run!

im now useing over the max of java memory (63.31mb) and i dont no how to change it and i dont no how to make wildfire run with it! i have much problems like transfers not working or webcam problems same as Voip or slow login!! my connection is huge and my system can normal run BIG games as server!!! so please can somebody tell me wat to do to make wildfire run over 5000members and how to change all the things!!

Thank you all!!

Hi menno,

ignorance to asked questions and the idea to avoid reading the installation guide for Wifi are not the best suppositions to get detailed help. Setting Xmx was also discussed in the forum more than once, but using the search function is really complicated so I understand that you didn’'t try it.

You write about webcams and VoIP, both have nothing to do with Wifi.

If filetransfer causes trouble for you you may open a new thread and post some error logs.


i dont no what XMX is or other… im sorry and well i have a huge problem u must know… becouse wildfire can not handle it its soooo slow! and i dont no how to give wildfire more memory for JVM or something

would u tell me the steps how to do it? please… i hope its not too much for ask

(sorry for my english)

Windows: http://www.jivesoftware.org/builds/wildfire/docs/latest/documentation/install-gu ide.html

Unix: read http://www.jivesoftware.org/builds/wildfire/docs/latest/documentation/install-gu ide.html and edit the wildfire script


http://www.jivesoftware.org/builds/wildfire/docs/latest/documentation/install-gu ide.html[/url]

this forum has some problem with long links, and it seems to be too hard to remove a blank.

links deadt, and what must i edit?

Hay menno !

I mark to load test for wildfire , support over 5000 users all online !

The link is not dead

http://www.jivesoftware.org/builds/wildfire/docs/latest/documentation/install-gu ide.html Windows

http://www.jivesoftware.org/builds/wildfire/docs/latest/documentation/install-gu ide.html Unix

read and edit the wildfire script


well i have tried but i dont no but its not working nothing changes! can somebody tell me what to do?

a) What operating system are you using?

b) Which database are you using?

c) Are you using LDAP?

d) How many concurrent users will you have, I assume that 5000 is the number of registered users?

no over 5000 online users!

i use windows server 2003

buildin database

im getting huge slow or login errors becouse JVM is in red!! when i look at the status (63mb)

i need like 300mb or something

Hi Menno,

very sad thing that you still did not read the install guide carefully. Search for Xmx256m to read how to change the memory size (in this case to 256 MB).


well i have read it and put a file called


in the bin directory but nothing happens!

  • tried restart wildifre ofcourse

for Starry 99: 1 MB of RAM is not that much in comparison to other products out there. Java is a more memory intensive language, that is a given. So it would stand to reason that 1 MB per user isn’‘t all that much. Do a comparison on xmmp/Jabber to say MS Communications Server, look at the minimum specs on both, I think you will find that xmmp is as slim and sexy as ever. That’'s why I am so deperately trying to get my installation running with the help of all of you. You can run this product on a 400 mhz PII, I do not believe any of the shrink-wrapped products can even claim to run on twice that much CPU. Not trying to flame, just attempting to show perspective.

One thing that you may want to try, as I do with all of my *nix server installations, is do not load non-essential items. In that I mean, all of the do-dads even in *nix now that are not needed for proper running of the server. Leave the GUI stuff at home, heck don’‘t even load a window manager, server side doesn’'t need one anyway. And tune the kernal to not load any service or item that would play with performance. Basically get down to the nuts and bolts of it. As I have limited experience with Wildfire, I will add what i know about Jabberd2, I run a main with 2 gb of RAM, twin 3 ghz procs, 36 gb hdd and I carry on average 1200 to 1500 steady connections at any given point in the day. My Proc usage and mem usage are nominal, and by that I mean <1%

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