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How to read a report a spark with good results

I have a question,

how to read a report a spark with good results:

  • Client Connections
  • Conversations
  • Group Chat: Connected Users
  • Group Chat: occupants
  • Group Chat: Rooms
  • Group Chat: Traffic
  • Packet Count
  • Proxy Transfer Rate
  • Server Traffic

The attached file

thank you
All Report Spark.pdf (43084 Bytes)

What do you mean by “how to read”? These are simple graphs. Say “Client Connections” shows that you have in average about 25 connections per day (excluding probably weekends, when it drops to zero).

sorry, I was puzzled to interpret the generated graphs,

okay to report client connection I’ve understood, thanks

There is little question :

“What is the meaning of the blue and orange graphs in the “Server Traffic” report. I don’'t see a legend anywhere.”

As there is no legend, can’t answer that. This can be deducted only by testing i think, or by looking into source of that plugin. Plugin’s developer is not available anymore.

By comparing you graphs i guess blue one is the traffic from the group chats and orange is the simple messages. Just guessing.

okay i understand now

thank you so much for answering my question