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I want to track idle hours of resource in spark/openfire


Hope you are doing well.

I need a small help from you i want to check ideal hour’s of each user in spark every day.
It is possible from spark and openfire if yes please help and let me know how it work’s and how we can check ideal hour’s of user ?

Your help and suggestions are helpful for me .


Explain what “ideal hours” mean.

Thanks for your reply

I want to track How much time user is online on spark ? or
how much user are ideal or offline on spark ?

So is it possible to trace ideal hour’s of each user from openfire web access.

i found some things related to ideal hours on internet but not in openfire/spark

So by ‘ideal’ you actually mean ‘idle’. There is no built-in option to track users activity. Openfire is logging user’s last logout, probably also login time. Not sure if presence changes are logged in the database. Probably not. But every event can be tracked in theory by creating a custom plugin and using packet interceptors. I’m not a developer, so can’t estimate how hard it would be to implement.

that means we can’t track idle hours of resource in spark via openfire

Out of the box - no. Btw, you can right click a user in contacts list in Spark and check i think it is called Last activity. It should return for how long a user been idle (of course this menu only shows for away users). So Openfire is tracking latest idle time in the database somewhere, but i think it doesn’t sum up all the idle time a user had per day/week/etc. Anyway, you will have to develop an additional tool/plugin to pull such data together.