Introducing Pade - Openfire Meetings

Pade is the Yoruba word for “Meet” and is also the name of a new project here at Ignite…

See Introducing Project Pàdé- Openfire Meetings

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Hi Dele,

Have you tested Pade on a system that is off the internet? My system is not connected to Internet, we have Openfire server on Linux and Windows 7 laptop running Chrome with Pade Extension.


Just have it a whirl - very cool project!

Unfortunately I had to install Chromium {shudder } - any chance of a Firefox version?

You don’t have to make Chrome your browser of choice. It is used by pade in the background as a run-time engine in order to work as a desktop application and not just a web page.

If you have issues with Chrome, then install any flavor of Chromium that suits your fancy

Keep on trucking with FireFox as normal :wink: